The pipeline between school and work is broken for a majority of students.

Can we help students find passions, lighten future debt burdens and build regenerative skills to prepare them to thrive in a chaotic knowledge economy?


The Education Design Lab helps universities / entrepreneurs / employers / government / foundations / non-profits design, test and implement new education models.

Our First Round Design Challenges include:

How might we assess, measure and guide a student’s 21st century skills development within or beyond a university degree?

How might we build a meaningful apprenticeship that supports curricular and workforce readiness goals into a 4-year degree?

How might we create ways for veterans to get credit for job experience and a rapid pathway to careers in the high-demand field of cyber security?

About the Lab

The Education Design Lab’s initial funding and development is provided by The deLaski Family Foundation.

Our first design partner is George Mason University, in the greater Washington, DC area, ranked 2013’s #1 Up and Coming University by US News and World Report.

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