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Brian Rubin

Senior Education Designer

Brian Rubin joins the Lab as a Senior Education Designer. Brian brings high energy, a thirst for hard work, and service to others to every aspect of his life. His work has supported civic, faith-based, and education organizations, where he looks for opportunities to bring people together to create something better.

Driven by a desire to shift the status quo, Brian decided to pursue a career in design, after many years serving organizations as a professional fundraiser. He realized how much communities and organizations fail to address the challenges implicit in cultures driven by uniformity. 

A Gifted Storyteller with the capacity to inspire others to action, he aims to create intentional space to awaken creativity and collective self-expression and enable meaningful human connection and collaboration that will translate to flourishing communities. He is interested in building platforms that reach diverse audiences and shed light on stories and issues that often fail to be green-lighted.

Brian is a  graduate of Northwestern University where he played football. He is a New Jersey native, but is now DC-based and lives in Prince George’s County, MD with his wife and two sons.