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Nishita Chheda

Associate Education Designer

Nishita is a visual storyteller, researcher, and designer from India with a background in Communication Design, Sociology, and Design for Social Innovation. Interested in questions on equity and social justice, she has worked with organizations in India and New York on gender equity, access to experiential and learner-centered education, and financial inclusion. She has a Masters in Design for Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts and is currently a Public Access Design Fellow at the Centre for Urban Pedagogy in New York.

Her practice strives to center around care and is deeply rooted in the joy of unraveling the unobvious, the underlying structures that shape culture, behaviors, and relationships, and those that create nuanced interconnections within the larger ecosystems that we inhabit. As a storyteller and communicator, she seeks to only facilitate and not actively partake in the voice of who’s narratives she holds. She strongly believes that there is a need for these narratives to be shaped, owned, and perhaps be reclaimed by those to whom they belong. 

When not working, her weekends are spent pursuing patches of soil in this concrete city, trying out zero waste recipes, and exploring illustrations and the written word.