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The Lab’s Badges Go To High School!

Sprint participants convert job descriptions into ‘T profiles’


The Lab was invited to present and lead a design session at this year’s CTE Professional Development day for NYC Public Schools. The essence of the day was captured in Chancellor Farina’s keynote, “we need to re-brand CTE and vocational education to make it more clear to policymakers and parents alike the skills that our students are gaining”. The events throughout the day made it clear that all roads lead back to 21st century skills and the importance of making them more transparent to students and other stakeholders.

With a group of 60+ CTE coordinators and teachers, the Lab led a session to come up with new ideas to increase the transparency of the skill building process. The biggest takeaway from the session was that the development of these skills doesn’t end when the students leave the classroom. Everyone in the room left with intentional ways to thread the 21st century skill development through extra-curricular activities such as basketball practice, internships, or posting on instagram.

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