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The Lab is an Innovation Engine

By centering our learn+work solutions on the New Majority Learner, we discover new solutions, design them right, and validate that they work before scaling them broadly. And when we scale them within an institution or across an ecosystem, (l)earner centricity equitably aligns the silos and breaks down the barriers that are the root cause of the skills crisis.

Since 2013, the Lab has worked on the ground with over 1,200 colleges + organizations, 1,000 employers, and thousands of learners, who need education programs and pathways that better serve their futures.

Our Areas of Work

Design Shorter and Stackable Pathways

  • Micro-pathways that transform lives and institutions
  • Accelerated dual enrollment pathways
  • Making transfer pathways seamless
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Catalyze the Transition to Skills-based Hiring

  • Credentialing the durable skills employers seek
  • Data infrastructure for noncredit programs
  • Learning and Employment Records (LERs) and digital wallets
  • Helping employers move to skills-based hiring
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Train for Human-centered Design + Change Management

  • Immersive workshops for learning institutions
  • User-centered research
  • Rapid prototyping tools + training
  • Innovation capacity diagnostic + training
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Scale Solutions with Equity at the Center

  • Transforming the rural ecosystem
  • Putting single moms at the center of design
  • Communities of practice

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