Connected Pathways “Designing Hospitality Pathways Convening”

This week’s Connected Pathways “Designing Hospitality Pathways Convening” offered participants a unique environment for exploring and imagining the possibilities of alternative academic and training pathways. Often designing directly with individual schools and systems, the Education Design Lab spent the past several months extending its reach—interviewing and running sessions primarily with hospitality industry experts, secondary and post-secondary educators, and DC learners (opportunity youth and adult charter school students). The alternative pathway visualizations which the Lab imagined, refined, and presented at the convening—though derived from city- and industry-specific research—helped bring into focus the national challenge of increasing college affordability and flexibility.

Rose, Bud, Thorn: Participants get together in groups to discuss postives, negatives and potential opportunities of prototype pathways. 

After exploring and thinking about multiple student pathways, participants share out thoughts and ideas that emerged during the day.