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The Lab is an Innovation Engine

By centering our learn-and-work solutions on the New Majority Learner, we discover new solutions, design them right, and validate they work before scaling them broadly. And when we scale them within an institution or across an ecosystem, (l)earner centricity equitably aligns the silos and breaks down the barriers that are the root cause of the skills crisis.

Examples of the Lab’s Innovation Engine at Work




The Lab works on the ground with 1,040+ colleges and organizations, 560+ employers, 24+ regions, and thousands of learners, who need education programs and pathways that better serve their futures.

It's a time of transformation

Education outcomes are being measured by competencies, not degrees.

The lines between school and work are blurring.

Colleges, and even high schools, are starting to unlock skills from degrees, making them more explicit to learners and employers.

Learners are in the driver’s seat, getting credit and skills from many different providers, and credit for learning wherever it happens.

We call this the Learner Revolution.

Our Areas of Work

Design Shorter and Stackable Pathways

  • Lower-cost degrees
  • “Earn and learn” programs 
  • Micro-credentials and pathways
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Catalyze the Transition to Skills-based Hiring

  • Translate degrees to employer competencies
  • Assessments to test and build skills
  • Validate micro-credentials with employers
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Train for Human-centered Design + Change Management

  • Immersive workshops for learning institutions
  • User-centered research
  • Rapid prototyping tools + training
  • Innovation capacity diagnostic + training
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Scale Solutions with Equity at the Center

  • Communities of practice
  • Product laboratory
  • Innovator Network

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We are in the field bringing models to life that are more affordable, portable, relevant, and visible for learners.

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