Join the Challenge

We see the need for a precise skills-based hiring ecosystem and “translation process” that allows for intentional alignment between employer needs and a learner’s current 21st century and technical skills profile.

To get there, we will continue our work with employers, testing the efficacy of the digital badges and understanding how the digital badges can be a valuable signal at all stages of the hiring process. We will go deeper with existing and new university partners who see an opportunity to use our 21st century skills framework to take an existing program or department’s work to the next level. By mapping programming to our 21st century skill sub-competencies and incorporating assessments that can measure growth and serve as developmental tools, the student experience can be more engaging, intentional, and transformational rather than transactional.   


Are you interested in infusing 21st century skills into the work you’re doing so students can intentionally practice and develop these skills? Can you imagine a point when students are aware of their strengths across these skills and are actively seeking opportunities to develop and practice them inside and outside of the classroom? 

The Lab is looking for innovative college/university partners who want to use 21st century skills as a framework to “reimagine” the work of a program or department. In addition to academic programs, we believe student-facing offices (e.g., Career Services, Student Affairs, Student Employment, etc.) are ideally positioned to lead this effort.


Ways you can get involved

  • Engage in a “redesign” process that infuses the Lab’s 21st century skills framework into current program offerings
  • Offer one or more 21st century skill digital badges to your students


Can you imagine a world in which skills-based hiring is the norm? Are you interested in finding ways to search for prospective candidates by 21st century skills?  

The Lab is seeking employers who want the T-shaped learner and are willing to explore how our 21st century skill digital badges can be a meaningful signal throughout the hiring process.  

Ways you can get involved

  • Participate in a design session to identify the feature sets of a “translation system” that would allow applicants to align their skills with employer needs 
  • Do a one-day “hackathon” with the Lab to show how and when the badge can be used in hiring
  • Provide feedback on the design of a “skills based” student profile
  • Participate in a studio team meeting to “reimagine” hiring
  • Be a member of our Employer Advisory Council

Entrepreneurs & Tech Providers

Can you imagine a more fluid, skills-based hiring system? Are you building technology (e.g., a platform or app) that is aligned with the mission and work of the Badging Challenge?  

The Lab is looking for emerging technology, practices, games and concepts that could provide value at one or more stages of the badging process (e.g., content delivery, assessment, career matching/hiring).

Ways you can get involved

  • Participate in a demo design day 
  • Test your technology with one or more of the 21st century skill digital badges
  • Participate in a studio team meeting to “reimagine” hiring

Interested in Partnering?