How might we capture learning beyond the traditional transcript in ways that are meaningful to employers?

The Lab is leading and contributing to multiple national conversations related to the alignment of supply and demand market signals and the role credentials will play in an evolving DIY learning ecosystem. Our cohort of national and international colleges and universities, who have tested and piloted a set of 21st century skills digital badges, is an example of how a collaborative group can quickly move from contemplation to action; driving the agenda and implementing new models to meet employer and student needs. The sector is taking notice, as evidenced by a recent segment of the Lab’s work on PBSNews Hour.

The Lab is seeking a select group of forward-thinking employers to accelerate the national conversation during the 2017-18 academic year.

We want:

  • Individuals who are creative problem solvers and critical thinkers to contribute to the visualization of the future hiring ecosystem
  • Catalysts and collaborators interested in advocating for and working towards a new “skills-based” approach to hiring
  • Resilient individuals with hiring expertise who can empathize with the various stakeholders we are solving for (i.e., learners, education providers, employers of all kinds).
  • Oral communicators who are as passionate about this work as we are and want to contribute to the national conversation (e.g., as part of a conference panel)

Completing a badge for Resilience, Creative Problem Solving, or Cross-Culture Competency provides an open door for [disadvantaged] students to talk about their rich life experience that can translate into work place success that may not have otherwise been visible. This program allows students to leverage personal skills more effectively and provides employers with concrete insight to better build diverse, dynamic, and cohesive teams.

Dre Voelkel

Illume Advising

The employer perspective is crucial to our design process. As such, we would like to offer a variety of ways in which you could be involved with this exciting work:

Host a Short Design Session

Gather members of your HR department or hiring team for a half-day (or even two hour) “hackathon” to engage them in ways that skills-based hiring trends and tools may change their world. We’ll ask the team to react to one or more of the badges and prototype how a prospective employee with a badge could negotiate your hiring process. The Lab team would meet your team at your office and facilitate the design session. No prep involved.

Join Our Employer Advisory Council

Help the Lab contribute to the national conversation on skills-based hiring and lead in imagining a hiring ecosystem that supports the integration of new available data points (like digital badges).  We will honor your time and envision seeking your occasional input on our ideas via email and asking you to participate in a monthly conference call as well as two half-day, in-person meetings over the course of the 2017-18 academic year.

Help “Test” a Badge

Work directly with an individual college and their team to answer critical questions like, “How might the badge be a valuable signal early in the hiring process?” “Would this badge make you more likely to hire someone?” Take part in a monthly call, offer feedback, and “pressure test” the badge with your hiring managers.

Participate in a 21st Century Skills Career Fair

Demonstrate your interest in 21st century skills and be a part of a career fair (for internships or an entry-level position), offering special consideration to students from our partner institutions who have earned badges developed during the challenge.

Interested in Getting Involved?

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