21st Century Skills Badging:
The Badging Fellows
Request for Proposal

One year ago, we released Version 1.0 of our 21st Century Skills Badges as an Open Education Toolkit. With 800+ institutions, colleges, nonprofits, and high school districts using the Toolkit, we believe innovators around the country can help us crowdsource expertise to make the next version even better.

To that end, we want to fund FOUR Badging Fellows to lead institutional or community teams in 2019-2020 to add expertise to one or more existing badges. Each Fellow’s organization will receive $25,000 to lead their team in recommending enhancements and then testing those ideas in one or more  educational curricula or programs.

About the Opportunity

In early September, the Lab will select fellows from US-based education institutions and education-focused organizations with non-profit status to push the envelope on our 21st Century Skills Badges. We’ll fly the Fellows to Chicago in October for training at the national EduCause conference and provide support throughout the year.

To date, the Lab’s Badges (in their entirety or in component parts) have been implemented in many different educational environments. We have observed that when the badges are integrated directly into existing programming, classes, more students participate and eventually complete.

What are we Hoping For?

Enhancements! Enhancements come in several forms. There is not one right answer. For example, one of our challenges is how to scale the badge earning experience online at a low cost. We also are looking for authentic “tech-enabled” simulations for learners to practice the badging skills in ways that are meaningful to employers. In another scenario, you may be an expert in creative problem solving or empathy and have lots of ideas on how to enhance curricula, assessment or online collaborative practice opportunities around badging. We embrace the creativity of the design process so feel free to submit enhancements that will surprise and excite us.

How to Apply

The deadline for our RFP has closed. 
Selected participants will be announced in September 2019.

For updates on the selection process, sign up for the Innovator Network where winners will be announced.


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To get in touch, please email our team at badgingfellows@eddesignlab.org.