Amit Sevak


Amit Sevak is a recognized thought leader on education and work in the US and overseas. Amit has served in senior leadership capacities in the US and globally. Amit was the Chief Operating Officer at UNITEC in Mexico, the President/CEO at INTI University in Malaysia and led the University of Europe in Spain.

Now based in the Washington, DC area, Amit is an active mentor to new ventures in education and health care in the US and internationally through Mindset Global. Amit’s research & teaching career includes the Center for the Study of Urban Inequality (Chicago), the Henry Stimson Center (Washington, DC) and as a Henry Luce Scholar (Beijing). While serving as a consultant at Bain, Amit co-founded Inspire!, a nonprofit that advises innovators and leaders in K-12 education. Amit is a member of YPO, Brookings and LeadershipNow among other non-profits.