Jairo McMican, EdD

North Carolina Education & Workforce Innovation Commission

Jairo McMican helps assist community colleges across the country with their transformational change efforts. This is manifested by amplifying equity and eradicating inequities for students as well as educators.

McMican’s passion includes helping others achieve their goals. He does this through a variety of positions and opportunities within higher education. McMican previously worked for universities, community colleges, the state of North Carolina; and currently a national non-profit committed to helping community colleges achieve their student success goals.

The Education Design Lab’s Designers in Residence program is an 11-month opportunity for leaders to collaborate with the Lab in co-creating the future role of colleges in their communities.

The 2021 cohort will bring together a design team of 12 visionary thinkers and doers from postsecondary institutions to evolve and strengthen the role of colleges to be regional change agents to close economic and racial opportunity gaps.

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