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Kenna Fallan

Education Designer

As an Education Designer, Kenna supports the Lab’s visual communication and marketing efforts, spanning digital media and website development, print and publication efforts, and tools and materials. Kenna assists with developing the Lab’s creative assets and brand: she uses a storytelling lens to develop tools and materials to educate and create conversation, as well as visualizations for systems and models. Further, Kenna works with the Lab’s education designers to support on design challenges.

Kenna has a multi-faceted background in design, research, and community wellbeing. Currently, she is training to facilitate improv exercises with teams to stimulate creative ideation and develop narrative. Prior to the Lab, Kenna worked as a Designer and Researcher at the UC Davis Center for Design in the Public Interest (DiPi), an organization working to bring together teams of creative people from different fields with community partners to solve problems through better design. During her time at DiPi, Kenna led The Type 1 Youth Project, an initiative to bridge relationship gaps amongst the type 1 diabetes community in Southern California and beyond. Over the years, Kenna has been an active volunteer for organizations focused on type 1 diabetes education and community building, as well as food justice.

A graduate of UC Davis with a Bachelor’s in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems and a specialization in Design, Kenna not only brings a strong understanding of design principles to the Lab’s projects, but also a passion for interdisciplinary and systems thinking, storytelling, and participatory practice design.