Mason Campbell

Arkansas Division of Higher Education

Mason Campbell currently serves as Assistant Commissioner of Academic Affairs at the Arkansas Division of Higher Education (ADHE), a position he has held since March 2023. Campbell previously served as the Assistant Director of Policy and Student Success. In his current role, Campbell serves as primary liaison between the division and chief academic officers of state, regional, and national groups influencing higher education. The Academic Affairs Office is responsible for policy development and implementation, coordinating state-wide academic initiatives, transfer articulation, assessment of academic programs, and institutional and program certification.

Prior to his appointment at ADHE, he served as Dean of Student Affairs at Pulaski Technical College and as Director of Student Services at Arkansas State University – Mountain Home. In these roles Campbell provided leadership in financial aid, student conduct, public safety, adult education, counseling, disability services, academic advising, campus life, testing services, and career services.

Associate: Associate of Arts degree, Arkansas State University

Bachelor’s: B.S. in Business Management, Arkansas State University

Master’s: M.S. in Education and Business Technology, Arkansas State University, and a Master of Arts in Higher Education, University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

What do you hope to learn from the CCGE Fellows program? How to apply successful program creation models specifically, how has each unique state structure influenced this process, how have these pathways been developed in collaboration with regional emerging industries and occupations, and who truly needs to be at the table to accomplish the goals.