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Miriam Swords Kalk

Senior Education Designer

Miriam relishes the opportunity to contribute her background in learning science, behavioral science, and design thinking to the Lab’s work. As an Education Designer, she focuses on the Single Moms Success Design Challenge, collaborating with four community colleges from across the country to boost educational outcomes and economic mobility for single mother learners. Her expertise in learner motivation and engagement underpins her approach to designing equitable education models. Centering on the experiences and needs of New Majority and historically underrepresented learner populations, she helps partners build solutions that enable these learners to thrive through seamlessly combining work, school, and life. 

Prior to joining the Lab, Miriam spent six years shaping user experience strategy at Udacity, where she collaborated with teams across the company to incorporate learning science and motivational design best practices into industry-relevant online learning experiences. Miriam’s love of teaching initially stemmed from her lifelong fascination with epistemology and belief formation. She holds a BS, BA, and MA from Stanford University, spanning the fields of physics, philosophy, and religious studies. In addition to her obsession with learning about learning, Miriam bakes as much as she can to bring joy to those around her.