Naomi Boyer, PhD

Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation

Naomi identifies product solutions that support the successful deployment and scaling of the Lab’s 21st Century Skills Badges and related assets by facilitating the dialogue between the Lab, educational institutions, industry, and product vendors. She utilizes her technology background, higher education administration experience, and community engagement techniques to design solutions that work within the blossoming digital credential ecosystem. Naomi’s research agenda on the role personalization of instruction, self-direction and alternative instructional models for adult learners is integral to empowering all learners and impacting the development of strong, community talent pipelines.

With over 20 years of higher education and K-12 experience, Dr. Naomi R. Boyer, President and Founder of NOME, LLC, is an internationally recognized educational strategist and innovative leader with a passion for educational transformation. Her work focuses on positively impacting regional economic vitality through a dynamic talent pipeline. Previous experience in university and community college organizations include:

  • Oversight of all institutional technology as the Chief Information Officer;
  • Formation of strategic, high quality, distance education programs;
  • Cultivation of unique faculty technology professional development;
  • Initiation of global programming such as study abroad; globalization of the curriculum, international partnership, and international student cultivation and;
  • The establishment of continuing education programming and structures.

Naomi has national experience on the creation and implementation of competency-based education initiatives and worked locally to develop a collaborative, cross-institutional micro-credentialing system to address the industry expressed need for employability skills. She participates and leads many Boards and committees targeting education, workforce development, and community impact. In addition, Naomi maintains research and publication on the topics of self-directed learning, faculty technology, professional development, and personalization of instruction.