Community College Growth Engine Fellows Program

A Learning Lab for Systems Change

Throughout 2024, a cohort of 11 Fellows from five states will observe the Lab’s micro-pathway design process and create their own draft implementation blueprint to bring human-centered design and micro-pathways to their systems and postsecondary institutions.

This project is funded by Walmart.

Program Overview

Community College Growth Engine Fellows Program

The Lab’s Community College Growth Engine (CCGE) provides community colleges with a structured micro-pathway design process, technical assistance, and a national community of learning that ultimately positions them as talent suppliers and drivers of innovation between education and employment.

Working with individual and clusters of community colleges in a region, the Lab is supporting 50+ institutions in designing and delivering over 100 skills-focused, market-driven, and employer-validated education pathways.

Over 12 months (December 2023 – December 2024), the Fellows will work with the Lab to:

  • Understand the Lab’s approach to the Community College Growth Engine’s micro-pathway design process and criteria.
  • Observe, learn, use, and provide feedback to the design process, resources and tools.
  • Design a state micro-pathway implementation blueprint.

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