Design Thinking

Design thinking fuels how the Lab creates and tests new education models with learning institutions. We achieve deeper impact and better outcomes by designing with students, education institutions and industry leaders.


Current Challenge:

21st Century Skills Badging Challenge


A 9 month cohort-style design challenge with 7 universities and Education Design Lab working to address the question:

How might we capture learning beyond the traditional transcript in ways that are meaningful to employers?

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First Round Design Challenges

21st Century Skills/Badging Challenge

The 21st Century Skills/Badging challenge asked how we might help students develop and display competencies and skills employers are seeking. Exploring this question lead the Design Challenge Leads to focus on the toughest piece of this challenge: assessing 21st century skills. Learn more>>

Apprenticeship Challenge

This Design Challenge focused on how we might create a meaningful apprenticeship experience for students inside a 4-year university degree. Working with students, George Mason University, Enstitute, and industry leaders, the Lab helped develop a unique experience that accomplishes both curricular and workforce goals. Learn more>>

Cybersecurity Challenge

The Veterans to Cybersecurity Jobs Challenge asked how we might create or improve pathways for veterans into cybersecurit jobs. The Lab worked with students, George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College (“NOVA”), to create prototypes for building essential workforce skills that landing and retaining a job easier. Learn more>>

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