Employers, join the movement

Consider endorsing 21st century competencies to equip students and job candidates with the right set of verified skills that get beyond the “blunt instrument,”  the old fashioned resume. Give students a road map to what career-readiness looks like at your organization.

How to get involved:

  1. Partner with a learning provider
  2. Join the Employee Advisory Committee (EAC)
  3. Demonstrate your support on Twitter

Badged students are better because they

have practiced the skills intentionally and rigorously

make up a diverse pool of targeted candidates

can thrive and excel without much supervision

“A resume will show what degree someone earns, but earning a digital badge provides a helpful indicator of what we can expect to see from that person on the job.” Shonn Colbrunn, Spectrum Health

Fill out the form below if you're an employer who would like the Lab to reach out with more information on how to get involved:

Organizations who have contributed to our design process

ASG Renaissance
Arabella Advisors
Capital One
Carney, Inc.
Clearly Innovative
Concentric Sky
Education Advisory Board
Enterprise Holdings
Ford Credit
Goldman Sachs
Henry Ford Foundation
JP Morgan
Johns Hopkins Medical
Maryland Business Roundtable
MVP Sports
Right Management
Shape Corp
Shift Digital
Spectrum Health
Virgil Careers
Willis Towers Watson

The T-Profile

An Alternative Job Description Tool

The T-Profile is a visual construct of both the ideal combination of technical skills and the 21st century skills associated with a particular job. It can be used as an alternative or complement to a wordy job description, as a way for a prospective candidate to understand how his/her skills "match" with those of the position, or even as a way for prospective candidates to develop and display his/her skills.

Meet the Employer Advisory Committee 

The group of forward-thinking HR professionals committed to the next phase of this work.

Desy Osunsade

Senior Director, Culture and Talent, Arabella Advisors

Keesha Moore

Senior HR Manager, Bath & Body Works

Kimo Kippen

Former Chief Learning Officer, Hilton

Candace Osunsade

Chief Administrative Officer, National Aquarium

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