What does human engagement look like in the age of AI?

Explore a virtual gallery that elevates the voices of learners + earners, and those who support them.


With rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and technology, we are starting to see tremendous shifts in the worlds of learning and work. With the combination of AI and automation, many jobs are evolving or will become obsolete.

  • Individuals will have to engage in continuous learning to keep their skills current with new developments.
  • Organizations will have to redesign current work practices to attract and retain top talent to maintain their competitive edge.
  • Educational institutions will have to rethink their value proposition when human-like learning can be tailored and delivered on demand at scale.

As designers and educational and business leaders, how should we respond to this swiftly changing landscape? How might we center, rather than replace, humans and leverage AI as a tool to drive human engagement, improving outcomes for learners, earners, and the institutions that serve them? How might we ensure that we not only adapt to these technological advancements but also ethically and proactively shape them to benefit society as a whole?

At Education Design Lab, we believe that understanding — and learning from those directly affected by these changes – is at the heart of how we design for these shifts.

Humans of AI is a living gallery of human portraits designed to deepen our collective understanding and elevate the critical voices of learners and earners, and the higher education leaders, employers, and designers who support them. It is an invitation to step into the lives and experiences of these stakeholders, to understand their needs, their hopes, their fears, and their challenges as they engage with AI in their lives.

These personal narratives form a crucial foundation as we start to rethink our learning and work environments. It is vital to recognize the human element in these stories to ensure that our discourse and decisions remain human-centric, and that our designs serve and further individuals and their potential in collaboration with AI.

Designing for Engagement

The Humans of AI series is framed through the lens of growth, agency, and belonging to inform how we might design for individuals, institutions, and systems to enable continued human engagement and flourishing in the age of AI.

Learner engagement is determined by a sense of growth, agency, and belonging.


The learning and work environment, including AI systems and their use, should be designed to help people see how they are growing, show them they are capable of success, and help them progress toward their goals.


People must feel like they’re in the driver’s seat, with opportunities to make meaningful choices about their learning or work experience. Learning and work environments should be designed to align with their individual goals, life experiences, and interests.


Learning and work environments, including AI systems, should be designed to help people feel a sense of belonging and connection to their communities. People should feel supported in being their authentic selves.


Gabriel Andre Ramos

Gabriel André Ramos

Designer / Dreamer / Learner

Marcie Moore

Marcie Moore

Dreamer / Doer / Relationship Builder


Joe Davis

Joe Davis

Seeker / Collaborator / Optimist


Prasanna Vijayanathan

Engineer / Leader / Philanthropist

Sonia Aguilar

Lifelong Learner /STAR/ Legal Operations

Mark Cushman

Authentic / Producer / Communicator

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Thanks to all who have contributed to this project, including interviewer-writers Andrea Flores and Jordan Lin, and graphic designer Gabriel Ramos.


We’d like to credit the idea for this series to Humans of New York, a beautiful photoblog series elevating the daily lives of New Yorkers. Its focus on the voices of everyday people served as inspiration to elevate the voices of those who are not always heard in the discussions around AI.