Design a Course

In ChatGPT or your favorite AI Chatbot, cut and paste the following prompt to develop a curriculum outline for a course you may be working on. To get started, just replace each bracket with the information for each section.

Prompt template

Create a curriculum outline for a [topic] course that is [length of time] and focuses on [focus area]. The goals of this course are [goals]. Desired learning outcomes include [outcomes]. 


Example prompt

Create a curriculum outline for a 6 month intrapreneurship certificate course. The goals of this course are to teach intrapreneurs to create positive change for workers at their company. Desired learning outcomes include knowledge about how to apply design thinking to create change, the social influencing aspects of change management, the emotion management aspects of innovation, and tools and resources to support an ongoing change journey.


Extend what you can do

  • Go a level deeper and provide specific learning outcomes for each class or module. 
  • Provide more specific information about the target audience of your curriculum, their roles, industry, their needs, their goals, and how this offering can support their future aspirations. 
  • Consider adding additional parameters around desired level of collaboration, modality, teaching methods, assessment and evaluation, budget, accreditation, or scheduling. 

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