Innovation Capacity Assessment

    My institution has a designated lead who has accountability for the success of cross-departmental innovation efforts.
    My institution has a clear process for fielding / exploring new ideas.
    Leadership has provided a clear understanding of who we do and do not serve.
    Leadership pushes the organization to look at external forces, such as technological capabilities and changing student and employer needs, as market demands evolve.
    We test programs with students or potential students before launching.
    My institution allocates resources (human, financial, organization, technical) to pilot and test ideas.
    Faculty and staff see new ideas as opportunities to improve impact.
    Faculty and staff seek opportunities to include diverse student voices in designing new programs and services.
    My institution provides recognition for employees to encourage and reward innovation.
    My institution has expertise in using student and employment outcome data to create new models or offerings that meet changing demands.
    Ideas are piloted and tested regularly at my institution. We acknowledge failed experiments and learn from them.
    Employers are considered institutional stakeholders or customers.
    My institution regularly analyzes the data concerning what types of students drop out or stop out and who else we might be serving.
    We have too many new initiatives, so innovation gets a bad name.
    My institution understands the needs, behaviors and motivations of our students