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Short bio: The Education Design Lab (the Lab) is a national nonprofit helping colleges and employers design equity-based education solutions toward the future of work.

Full boilerplate: The Education Design Lab (the Lab) is a national nonprofit that co-designs, prototypes, and tests education-to-workforce models through a human-centered design process focused on understanding learners’ experiences, addressing equity gaps in higher education, and connecting learners to economic mobility. The process helps higher education leaders consider the needs of employers, using curriculum and program design as a gateway to make skills more visible to students and employers alike.

The Lab's Communications Channels

The Lab manages multiple channels to communicate with the public and partners about our work.

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The Lab's Brand


The Lab’s logo is a minimalist, typographic logo using the Lab’s signature font Lato in both Black and Light weights. The Lab’s logo is only ever to be used in black (#000000) or white (#ffffff). Two arrangements are okay to use: primarily, a horizontal version, and secondarily (only when needed), a circular, stacked version.

With the exception of our micro-pathways initiative, the Lab does not produce logos for individual projects. For more information on the Lab’s vsbl logo, scroll down this page.

Download the Lab's logos


The Lab uses two sans serif fonts: Lato and Nunito Sans. Lato acts as a primary font and is used as a header, subheader, and in some cases, a body copy font. Nunito Sans is solely used as a body copy font.

Download Lato + Nunito Sans


The Lab’s visual aesthetic is photography-focused (find the Photography Bank further down under Assets), and calls on four primary colors to work alongside photographic anchors: black, white, dark grey, and light grey. Secondary colors act as supports to bring visual clarity and sharpness: yellow, green, blue, and purple.

To note, all text on green, blue, and purple must be in white, while all text on yellow must be black.

The Lab’s [mini] Style Guide

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Micro-credentialing + the Lab's Brand

The Lab’s Durable Skills Micro-credentials

The Lab’s micro-credentialing work is centered on the Lab’s original durable skills competency framework. The Lab’s Durable Skills Micro-credentials use digital badges to award the credential to learners who complete the competency framework. After having gone through several iterations, the digital badges for the Lab’s micro-credentials speak to the whole of the Lab’s brand, while acting as a brand in and of itself.

The badges use four core Lab colors: black, white, blue, and yellow, and feature both Lato and a badge-specific font, Din Condensed.

View + Download the Lab's Micro-credentialing Graphics





vsbl Logo

The vsbl logo mirrors the minimalism and clarity of the Lab’s namesake logo, utilizing black and white and providing two options for use. The first, a stacked, type-only logo featuring “visible learning” and/or “by Education Design Lab.” The second, the same type archetype with the addition of a half-moon line to signify the visual of the Lab’s digital badges.

To note, the vsbl logo and the Lab’s logo should be used together. Presenting the vsbl logo alone should only be in rare cases where it is clear to the audience that the Lab is the overarching organization. For questions on specific use case, please feel free to reach out!

Download the vsbl logos

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