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100+ micro-pathways co-created with colleges, learners, and employers through the Lab’s Community College Growth Engine since 2021.

What is a micro-pathway?

Co-designed with learners and employers, micro-pathways are two or more stackable credentials, including a durable skills micro-credential, that are flexibly delivered to be achieved within less than a year and result in a job at or above the local median wage, and start learner-earners on the path to an associate degree.

100+ New Models

The first Community College Growth Engine cohort developed 30 micro-pathways from October 2020 to December 2021. Most of the colleges focused on meeting the needs of adult learners, as nationally we witnessed the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on displacing many from their jobs and incomes. 

Each micro-pathway provides entry and exit points to a clear career path and to securing a sustainable job with options for growth. Selected occupations are based on regional demand, and depending on state and/or regional economic development conditions, some are more focused on emerging industries and occupations.


Explore Micro-pathways by Career Opportunity:

Click on the "Select Program" dropdown in the interactive embed below to see emergent data on the careers driving our micro-pathway programs.

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