We help learning providers and employers operationalize a micro-credential strategy to make learning more visible, portable, stackable, career-enhancing and, importantly, machine-readable. 


Skills and competencies are the new hiring currency. As employers move away from degrees as the proxy for the technical and non-technical skills they need, searchable micro-credentials are a way to discover a diverse talent pool.

Micro-credentials Explained

Micro-credentials vs. Badges

The terms “micro-credential” and “badge” are often used interchangeably. Micro-credentials are the learning/earning experience and the badge is the technology used to display it.  

Our micro-credentials are assessed by facilitators, follow a strict pedagogy, and are co-designed with employers. We have developed a suite of durable skills credentials in use at many learning institutions (see below), and we help providers design their own credentials.

Micro-pathways are two or more stackable credentials that can be packaged as a validated market signal connecting learners to employment in high-growth careers. At the Lab, we have established clear criteria to define and distinguish a micro-pathway: pathway completion should garner salaries at or above median wage and include targeted durable skills modules to provide liberal arts training as preparation for career advancement. 

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Our new platform to deliver a ready-made online learning experience for our durable skills micro-credentials.

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What is a durable skills micro-credential?

A durable skills micro-credential is a credential that signals the completion of a rigorous and intentional learning experience for a universal skill—we sometimes call these power skills, mobility skills, or soft skills—like collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. 

The Lab has co-designed a suite of nine durable skills “digital badges” with 20 colleges and 60 employers that target the most in-demand, universal skills. What began as a design sprint with one university and local employers has grown into a multi-pronged set of products and services as we have become a leader in digital micro-credentials and the scalable teaching of durable skills.

1,300 individuals from over 1,000 institutions and organizations from over 30 countries have joined our community to gain access to the Lab’s Durable Skills Micro-credentials curriculum, assessments, and training tools.

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Testing Initiatives


A two-year study to test the efficacy of micro-credentials as a hiring signal for employers across three U.S. regions

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The Badging Fellows

A cohort of institution-based innovators who are testing and iterating on the Lab’s micro-credentials.

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We’re working with partners on the ground in San Antonio, Texas, to build two scalable pathways to middle-skill managerial jobs in advanced manufacturing and other growth sectors.

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Community College Growth Engine

We’re collaborating with community colleges, employers, and regional stakeholders to co-create employer-validated micro-pathways designed to connect low-wage and entry-level workers to in-demand jobs that pay at-or-above median wage and put them on a path toward a degree.

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Creativity for COVID

A remote internship experience for Washington, D.C., public high school students working in teams on real-world projects to address social and policy issues impacting their city and neighborhoods during the pandemic.

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