A New College Model? Design it with Students.

July 9, 2020

When I got a phone call from the Provost of Catholic University three years ago, I did not know why he wanted to meet. But that meeting led to a design sprint, which led to a groundbreaking pilot that launches this fall, COVID notwithstanding. Catholic University wanted to return to an original mission in its 130-year history, to serve those who could not afford its private college sticker price and not only those who could travel to Washington, DC, to live on its storied campus. They were the first university to ask the Lab to help them create a much more affordable version of themselves, and one designed with first-generation Latinx students in parts of the US that have no Catholic colleges. As Provost Andrew Abela, who is now Dean of the Business School, describes it, “We wanted a program that was low-cost and high tech, but also high touch.”

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DCPS and Education Design Lab Team Up with Employers to Offer Remote Summer Internships

June 18, 2020

Education Design Lab, the national nonprofit that pioneered the concept of learner-centric design in education, today announced the launch of a paid remote internship program with District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) that will offer students hands-on work experience through real-world projects submitted by employers. More than 100 local high school students will participate in the Creativity for COVID remote internship program, an immersive, six-week experience that will culminate with students presenting their plans to employers and earning an industry-supported digital credential in creative problem-solving.

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Two Pathways, One Purpose

June 18, 2020

Over the past 15 months, the Lab has worked with partners in San Antonio, Texas, to design and launch two upskilling pathways to expand career opportunities for frontline workers. So far, Goodwill Industries of San Antonio, our employer partner, has seen substantial gains among program participants in productivity, collaboration, and leadership, skills essential for positioning frontline workers for middle-skill jobs.

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More News and Events

Use Model and Design Thinking to Avoid the Trap of “Best Practices”

From Education Design Lab’s Higher Ed Fellow, Michael Meotti In a very rare occurrence last month, the same news story flashed across the Chronicle of Higher Education, the New York Times and the Washington Post last month.  A group of researchers reported that they could replicate only 39 of 100 studies published in three leading psychology journals. Some […]

Presidential Politics & College Affordability in the Uber Age

OK, so college affordability is going to be a hot button issue in the presidential race. Good. Game on.   Love the idea that college should be an entitlement — that brainchild applied to the GI Bill totally jumpstarted the American Dream era. But I’m not the first one to say that gap funding the traditional college […]

Are Badges College Ready?

10 Things We’ve Learned from the 21st Century Skills Badging Challenge   1. Employers Get It.  Employers are excited bythe fact that badging can make a student’s resume three-dimensional. 21st century skill badges, specifically, help employers find the skill sets that are predictors of success, but are often the hardest to discern, especially from a transcript […]

From Pedagogy Innovation to “Breaking China” with Georgetown’s Randy Bass

 “Most of the really transformational ideas are actually breaking china now.”     Kathleen deLaski: Let’s start with the trajectory of your career at Georgetown University. You started CNDLS, which was an innovation in itself. What year did you start? Randy Bass: 1999-2000, so this is the 15-year anniversary.   KD: When you started CNDLS, why […]

The Learner Revolution is Coming

Recently, the Lab has been percolating in a few different projects that have us returning to a piece we published six months ago, “The Learner Revolution”. Our Badging Challenge, the Academy for Innovative Higher Ed Leadership, a collaborative trip out to Ohio State, and an exciting new project we’re working on with the Lumina Foundation, […]

New Study Highlights the American Public’s Perception of Higher Ed

  Last week I attended the Gallup-Lumina Foundation study release event for their 2014 study on Americans’ college aspirations and barriers. Entitled Postsecondary Education Aspirations and Barriers, The 2014 Gallup-Lumina Foundation Study of the American Public’s Opinion on Higher Education, the full study and methodology can be found here, but I wanted to highlight and […]

Leading Academic Innovation | How to Capture Transformative Learning from UCO’s Jeff King

  The Program’s Beginnings To date, 31 faculty and 2,654 students at UCO have engaged with a bold program to capture and measure “transformative learning” in and beyond the classroom. They’ve just broken ground on a brand new living and learning community that quite literally and physically embodies some aspects of the program, and in […]

College Presidents & Students Turn to Design Thinking

Design thinking is everywhere in the press these days. The practice has ties all the way back to DaVinci, but I only discovered it a little more recently, at Stanford’s “d.School.” Adopting it two years ago as the “home-court toolkit” for the Education Design Lab, we felt ahead of the curve. But now we feel […]

Reframing the 4 Cs: 21st Century Mindsets

  The Issue The 4Cs are an oft-touted benchmark in education – the four key soft skills that today’s graduates need in order to be competitive and competent in today’s workforce. Literature on 21st century learning emphasizes collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. Yet how do we make sense of the difference between teaching the […]

Introducing the 21st Century Skills Badging Challenge

We’re pleased to announce the kick-off of our cohort-style design challenge with 7 partner universities to address the question: How might we capture learning beyond the traditional transcript in ways that are meaningful to employers? As part of our mission to improve the school-to-work pipeline, this 9 month design challenge aims to address the gaps that […]