Education Design Lab hosts ACCELERATE! New Orleans Design Session

How might our institutions provide intentional and sustainable pathways to build 21st century competencies and help our students find meaningful employment in their desired career field?

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Designing the ‘Gold Standard’ for the Thriving University

What if you designed a university to support students’ well-being? Growing student anxiety and mental wellness are gaining attention of higher education leaders as they consider how these challenges impact both the student experience and student success.  

We Have Seen the Future: Open Pathways Will Allow Learners to Build Skills Using Multiple Providers

This year’s Summit on Digital Badging was well curated by IMSGlobal at Arizona State University, the impressive standards group that is forging consensus to fuel the promise of micro-credentialing across learning institutions, businesses and nations. Our president, Kathleen deLaski, previewed the public rollout of the Lab’s 21st century skills badges we’ve prototyped over 3 years.

On the Road to Building Seamless Transfer Pathways

The Seamless Transfer Pathways team has been on the road, visiting each of the campus pairs in the project, since the end of January. In total, almost 250 faculty, staff, and students got to experience the human-centered research first hand by walking the student’s journey to see highlights of interviews, surveys, and observations.

The Lab’s Badges Go To High School!

The Lab was invited to present and lead a design session at this year’s CTE Professional Development day for NYC Public Schools. The essence of the day was captured in Chancellor Farina’s keynote, “we need to re-brand CTE and vocational education to make it more clear to policymakers and parents alike the skills that our students are gaining”.

Adults Students Co-Design A Hospitality Bootcamp

In Washington DC, the fastest growing industry is hospitality and adult charter students who are still working on their GEDs are taking advantage of a great opportunity to blend their GED training with workforce training and possible college credit. The Education Design Lab is working with the city, Academy of Hope Charter school and three hotels (Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott) to create an “Entry Level Plus bootcamp.”

Self-Directed Learning Experts Help Us Design a New Badge

What’s in a name? For the past couple of years, there has been one microcredential in our suite of skills yet to be piloted.  No one denies its importance, but it has been the most difficult to capture conceptually and express as a teachable skill–self-efficacy.  

Coach’s Corner January 2018: An Inside Look Into The Seamless Transfer Pathways Challenge

Students Need Critical Thinking Now More Than Ever: Three Liberal Arts Colleges in Michigan Lead the Way

In the age of Artificial Intelligence and Fake News, employers are placing a premium on critical thinking skills. College students writ large practice critical thinking in some capacity throughout their learning experience, conducting research and writing reports. However, when it comes to interview time, these students are hard pressed to answer the question, “Tell me about a time when you had to use your critical thinking skills?”

Launching New Pathways in DC

We are pleased to announce funding from DC’s Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE) to take one of our prototypes into pilot with Academy of Hope, an adult charter school in Washington, DC. Our partners include Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott hotels, SUNY-Empire State College and Edgewood/Brookland Family Support Collaborative.

Which 21st Century Skills Get You Out Of An Escape Room?

Night operations at The Lab in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. Our mission: to see if the increasingly popular team building activity in major cities—a night at an escape room—really creates opportunities to ‘practice and reflect’ the 21st century skills that the Lab’s badges are intended to build.