We're Celebrating 2018 in Photos!

2018 was a big year for the Lab. We look forward to an even greater 2019!

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2019 Lab Goals: Hitting the ground running

Five years ago the Lab began with a vision to bring human centered design and other innovative tools to bear on the wicked problems that lie at the intersection the rapidly changing postsecondary education landscape, the future of work, and equity. We set out to design and build new models with employers and partner institutions.

Journey Mapping the Resume with Tee Up the Skills Employer Partners

Through #TeeUpTheSkills, we set out to find answers to the question everyone in digital badging is trying to figure out: do badges have market value for employers? Can digital badges level the playing field for underserved and non-networked learners in the hiring process?

Journey mapping the student experience with the UNCF CPI cohort

With institutional administrators, we mapped out the milestones of Erica’s journey from her decision to apply to college through five years after graduation. We then mapped the emotions associated with each milestone (anxiety when applying to school, confusion when picking a major, jubilation at graduation, and uncertainty out in the “real world”). Did we find blind spots and sticking points? You bet.

Education Design Lab hosts ACCELERATE! New Orleans Design Session

How might our institutions provide intentional and sustainable pathways to build 21st century competencies and help our students find meaningful employment in their desired career field?

Employers said empathy is the most important 21st century skill for an HVAC technician. Surprised? So were they.

This month we traveled to Albuquerque, NM, to kick off #TeeUpTheSkills with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) and their employer partners, TLC Plumbing and Jaynes Corporation, a construction company.

Education Design Lab Announces Design Challenge to Improve Success for Single Moms in Community Colleges

In partnership with ECMC Foundation, non-profit opens request for proposals for Single Moms Success initiative

#TeeUpTheSkills Kicks off at the University of Maine: What did we learn?

The first stop on our #TeeUpTheSkills tour was a place with an urgent need for employer-driven 21st Century Skills credentials: Bangor, Maine. When we engaged with employers, it became immediately clear that they were struggling to identify candidates with professional skills needed to be successful in entry level jobs.

Let’s stop calling everything AI: What automation in higher ed looks like today

We asked Brian Kathman, CEO of Signal Vine, to help innovators think through the hype, to talk about what automation solutions are available to schools today vs. the future of automation and/or AI.

Meet ACCELERATED BUSINESS PATHWAYS: Designed to support first gen college transfer students in high school

What’s possible when a high school district, community college, and four year university work together to improve outcomes for first gen transfer students?

Education Design Lab announces #TeeUpTheSkills cohort of employers and college partners to test effectiveness of digital credentials

Yearlong design and hiring challenge aims to help historically underserved students demonstrate 21st century skills to access better career pathways