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Education Design Lab’s Top 5 Resources of 2022

Just in case you missed any of the Lab’s must-read publications of 2022 … here are the top five resources to help us all innovate toward a more equitable, skills-based economy.


1. Skills Visibility: Why and How a Skills-Based Economy can be More Equitable

The Lab’s “big think” paper of 2022 offers a vision to reinvent the talent ecosystem, with specific calls to action for: 

+ (L)earners
+ Education and training providers
+ Employers
+ States
+ Associations and intermediaries
+ Technology platforms and vendors

Get the Skills Visibility paper (PDF)



2. Micro-pathways: A Gateway to Community College Transformation

This January 2022 Design Insights Brief features micro-pathway models co-created through the Community College Growth Engine Fund (CCGEF). Insights include:

+ Learners need practical pathways with a clear return on investment (ROI) as well as flexibility in format and timing.
Employers see the micro-pathway co-design process as transformative to deepening their relationships with community colleges.
+ For community colleges, the micro-pathway design process can serve as a gateway to institutional transformation.

Get the CCGEF Design Insights Brief (PDF)




3. Design Insights Brief: Single Moms Success Design Challenge

While this report was released in late November 2021, it continues to be among our most downloaded in 2022. The Single Moms Success Design Insights Brief introduces four pilot programs launched in fall 2021 at the following colleges:

+ Central New Mexico Community College (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Delgado Community College (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Ivy Tech Community College (Indianapolis, Indiana)
+ Monroe Community College (Rochester, New York)

The report also shares six insights from the design process, which can help other colleges and universities better serve single mothers with more flexible, affordable, and relevant programs.

Get the Single Moms Success Design Insights Brief (PDF)



4. BRIDGES Rural Design Insights, Part 2

In this February 2022 update, you’ll find:

+ 5 pilot programs from rural community colleges in Idaho, New York, Maine and Ohio.
+ 5 design insights that address access, flexibility, relevance and affordability.
+ 5 critical questions to help your institution better meet learner and community needs.

Get the BRIDGES Rural Design Insights Brief (PDF)





5. A New Role for Higher Education

After 10 months of work with 11 higher education leaders across the country, we offer higher education and ecosystem leaders a framework and resources to start aligning regional stakeholders toward building a truly equitable future. Cohort 2 Designers in Residence will use these tools to build and enhance a sustainable, effective education-to-workforce ecosystem in their region in 2023.

Get the actionable framework + tools.


You can find a library of the Lab’s publications + resources here. Looking forward to new partnerships and insights in 2023!

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