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How to watch (or listen to) the Lab’s new video podcast

Our first 20-minute video podcast is an excellent ‘prep’ talk: How to be a great podcast guest
By Ayanna Conway, Social Media + Community Specialist

Hello, and welcome to the first video podcast from the Education Design Lab!

My name is Ayanna Conway. I’m the Lab’s Social Media + Community Specialist and now, the official producer and host of our new podcast. Born and raised in Phoenix, Ariz., I have always had a passion for all things digital and love to use creative elements to develop strong brand awareness on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and even LinkedIn!

So when the Lab’s Communications team decided to launch a video podcast, I rose to the challenge. Although I have never launched a podcast before, let alone a video podcast, I am very excited to see its impact. Personally, I have seen how “starting a podcast” has become a trending way for organizations to promote individual voices that previously may have not had their chance to shine. With that, I hope to learn effective ways to create engaging content on a wide range of topics that our Labbies and Innovator Network have to discuss.

Episode 1: How to be a great podcast guest with Dr. Leslie Daugherty

Our debut episode features Dr. Leslie Daugherty, our Head of Design Programs, who has been a guest on multiple podcasts. In this episode, Leslie shares a few valuable tips, starting with: Listen to the podcast you are going to be on so you know what it’s about and what to expect from the host. Be sure to tune into this 20-minute video podcast for more tips before you make your next podcast guest appearance.

What can you expect next from our video podcast?

Overall, the purpose of launching our video podcast is to provide an engaging and effective way for the Lab to connect with our Innovator Network, showcase their work, and amplify our partners. We want to make your innovations more visible!

How can you watch or listen to our podcast?
How did we launch our video podcast?

We’ve been busy testing the equipment by interviewing ourselves first using an online video recording tool known as Riverside. Riverside is a video platform designed specifically for remote video creation, making it easy for nonprofits like the Lab to connect with innovators no matter where they might be in the world.

What would you like to see on the Lab’s video podcast?

We want to discuss questions, challenges, and success stories innovators like YOU will find inspiring and useful. Reach out to me at with your ideas or add your comments to this quick form.

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