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Launching New Pathways in DC

We are pleased to announce funding from DC’s Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE) to take one of our prototypes into pilot with Academy of Hope, an adult charter school in Washington, DC. Our partners include Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott hotels, SUNY-Empire State College and Edgewood/Brookland Family Support Collaborative. This week the Lab convened the partners to build on the prototype of what we called an “Entry-Level Plus” bootcamp, that will seek to break new ground in pathway design: Identifying learners who are a good fit for the exploding hospitality industry in DC, helping them benchmark and develop the 21st century skills those employers care most about, and getting hands on experience and competency-based college credit for their training and learning experiences.

Sprint participants convert job descriptions into ‘T profiles’

Using the ‘T profile,’ which helps students and employers get on the same page about competencies needed, hotel managers and recruiters shared that 21st century skills like oral communication, empathy, and creative problem solving were the most critical to succeed in entry-level hospitality roles and move to the next level. The group zeroed in on what the actual credential needs to be coming out of the bootcamp. Employers said technical skills should include demonstrations of tech savviness and reading comprehension, for the 21st century skills: “show me you can communicate orally, empathize with customers and we’ll teach you the rest.” Learn more about our work focused on Connected Pathways and download the Lab’s models here.