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Students Need Critical Thinking Now More Than Ever: Three Liberal Arts Colleges in Michigan Lead the Way

In the age of Artificial Intelligence and Fake News, employers are placing a premium on critical thinking skills. College students writ large practice critical thinking in some capacity throughout their learning experience, conducting research and writing reports. However, when it comes to interview time, these students are hard pressed to answer the question, “Tell me about a time when you had to use your critical thinking skills?” Three liberal arts colleges in Michigan (Andrews University, Aquinas College and Hope College) are making strides to ensure their students can answer these questions, show how they’ve developed and practiced critical thinking in a way that’s relevant to employers and remain competitive in the age of AI and Fake News.


Cohorts from the schools are piloting the Critical Thinking badge this semester. The badge earning process will allow students to intentionally develop their knowledge of the skill through online rigorous curriculum and in-person practice and connect students with area employers to solve a problem facing their industry. The artifacts students generate will help them “show their work” when they are confronted with the hard-hitting critical thinking interview questions.