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The Lab’s Recent Foreign Exchange Experience: Visit with delegation from China’s Shandong Province


The Lab shares information about our design process, and design challenges, including 21st Century Skills badges

As college students all over the country are headed to various foreign destinations for exchange/study abroad programs, we had our own foreign exchange experience here at home. At the Lab, we love talking shop with fellow innovators. Higher ed educators from China’s Shandong Province requested to visit the Lab during their trip to Washington, D.C., and we were able to meet to talk student centered design, innovation, and entrepreneurship curriculum.

These Chinese universities want to design creative curriculum and provide more supports to improve their students’ entrepreneurship knowledge. They were interested in learning more about our design thinking process, especially how to teach growth mindset at scale.

The delegation consisted of a government leader from the Provincial Human Resources Department and 19 educators from Chinese colleges and universities, including some top universities in China such as Ocean University of China and Shandong Normal University.

As pictured above, they were just as excited about our 21st Century Skills Badges as we are.