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Video podcast: A branded Jeep? … and more community college marketing tips from College of Eastern Idaho

One result of the BRIDGES Rural project? The College of Eastern Idaho's branded Jeep, which can handle their service region's rugged terrain.
Mary Stephenson of the College of Eastern Idaho talks about their branded Jeep, why being visual is so important, and more marketing tips for community colleges.


In the summer of 2022, just as our BRIDGES Rural community college partners were entering the final year of their design challenge, the Lab gathered design team members for an in-person convening in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

One of the questions we asked at the convening was: What are some of the most successful – or unexpected – ways you have reached your community?

Everyone shared their answers on stickies (as we do at the Lab) — and one immediately stuck out: The Jeep.

In the Lab’s latest video podcast, we talked with Mary Stephenson, the College of Eastern Idaho’s director of Early College Programs, about why CEI wrapped a Jeep in college branding and how they use it.

“It definitely gets noticed,” she said.

Throughout the podcast, she also talks about why being VISUAL is so important … and shares more of her marketing tips for community colleges.

Here are a few highlights from Mary’s interview with podcast host Ayanna Conway:



Tell us more about the Jeep!

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In 2022, the College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) was named a finalist in the Lumina Foundation’s Million Dollar Community College Challenge, to help promote brand-building and marketing at community colleges across the country. How did that impact your marketing efforts at CEI?

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What are your top 3 marketing tips for community colleges?

(Bonus: She actually shares four)

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