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Video podcast: How to engage employers in skills-based hiring with Don Fraser

“Tech is an enabler … but humans are essential. We can’t look to AI to solve these issues that we are confronted with. We have to look to the people who are close to the problem. We have to look to the people who are living through some of the challenges. We have to invite them into the conversations. We have to listen carefully. We have to design with them. We have to do a lot of things that are human that are irreplaceable in order to get where we want to go.”  

— Don Fraser, Jr.


Don Fraser, Jr., is a nationally recognized expert in postsecondary planning and college success. He began his work as a school counselor and founded CollegeSnapps, a Washington, D.C.-based education technology startup.

As the Education Design Lab’s Chief Program Officer, Don is responsible for driving innovation and emerging programs, as well as building the Lab’s reputation as a leader in equity-based, human-centered design of scalable postsecondary and workforce solutions. Don is instrumental in identifying strategic partners to amplify our work and building employer relationships.

In this 40-minute video podcast, Don — a former DJ — shares his love of music (including his first concert), his hopeful vision for the future of work, and why scaling skills-based hiring is NOT really a technology problem that can be fixed by AI.


Some highlights:


How might we improve learner-earner outcomes in the workplace? 

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What’s his hopeful vision for the future of work 10 years from now? 

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What will it take for employers at a national level to hire based on skills and experience and not just degrees? 

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What are three tips for engaging employers in skills-based hiring?

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What is the most important thing to know about the Lab?

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His very first concert?

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