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WATCH: How Education Design Lab is changing the status quo

Don Fraser, the Lab's Senior Vice President of Design + Innovation
The video crew with Luke Dowden (center left) and Don Fraser (center right).
The video crew at the Alamo Colleges District office in San Antonio, Texas.

In late summer of 2023, Don Fraser, the Lab’s Senior Vice President for Design + Innovation, traveled to San Antonio, Texas, to meet up with one of our longtime partners: Luke Dowden, the Chief Online Learning Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor of Alamo Colleges District.

The reason? A video shoot produced by Stand Together, a philanthropic group that spotlights changemakers transforming the future of work.

Now we’re thrilled to share their the 5-minute video, which spotlights how the Lab is designing education toward the future work.

You’ll see footage of Don walking around the Alamo Colleges District office building and “b-roll” with Luke around the 1:45 mark. The video is full of quoteable nuggets, but this might be our favorite:

“If we bring the people who are closest to the problem into the conversation, we have a real shot at making this world a better place for everyone.”

We’re so grateful to the Stand Together team, the video crew, and Luke Dowden, who are all pictured in the gallery above.