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Catalyze the Transition to Skills-based Hiring

We are leading pilots with employers, colleges, learners, and workers to unlock and translate degrees into skills; to capture and credential all learning and make it visible to learners and employers. We put a special focus on 21st century skills, which are the biggest drivers of success and mobility, and the least credentialed.

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  • Community College Growth Engine Fund

    Leading the Nation and Their Regions in Creating “Rapid-Response Pathways” with Employers
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  • BRIDGES Rural

    How might we strengthen the capacity of rural community colleges to serve as critical economic growth engines for their learners and communities?
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  • Single Moms Success

    How might community colleges dramatically improve completion rates for single mothers by intentionally addressing the unique needs of this population?
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  • UpSkill SA!

    How might we quickly upskill incumbent retail workers to prepare them for careers in Advanced Manufacturing and other growth sectors that can enable their social mobility?
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  • Seamless Transfer Pathways

    How might community colleges and four-year universities dramatically improve transfer and graduation rates by reframing the end-to-end experience from the student’s point of view?
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  • UNCF Career Pathways Initiative

    How might our institutions provide intentional and sustainable pathways to build 21st century competencies and help our students find meaningful employment in their desired career field?
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  • Roanoke Healthcare Pathways

    How might we design employer-driven, stackable pathways that can lead to an AAS degree and prepare students for employment in the high-growth healthcare industry? How might we design a related “One Door” advising model that…
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  • Creativity for COVID: Saving Summer Internships

    A remote internship experience for Washington, D.C. public high school students working in teams on real-world projects to address social and policy issues impacting their city and neighborhoods since the advent of COVID-19.
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We’ve spent six years learning from our work with over 135 institutions, 60 employers, and 50 organizations to enable innovation and create models that put learners’ needs at the center.

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