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Wellspring, an IMS Global multi-phase project, is focused on building interoperable technology standards and systems to facilitate seamless communication between all types of learner records and employer applicant tracking systems.


 The outcomes of the technology system connections will allow for 1) individuals to find jobs aligned to expertise and skills and 2) employers to better identify aligned talent for high need job roles through these direct outcomes:

  • Educational organizations document academic credentials that align with targeted job positions and follow open standards for data interoperability
  • Employers search and find the best candidates based on verifiable digital credentials
  • Learners use verifiable credentials to apply and qualify for jobs in employers’ applicant tracking systems

Primary Audience

College/Universities + Employer Partners, Ecosystem Designers

Project Length

September 1, 2019 - August 1, 2020

Twitter Hashtag: #compframeworks

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