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Validating a learner’s life and working experiences as currency for future opportunities.

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The Education Design Lab developed the concept of an employer-validated “XCredit”, or Experience Credit, which signals to employers the skills attained informally on the job or in life. In the XCredit project, the Lab will design, test and pilot two approaches to assessing and validating these skills:

Skill Assessments:

Experiential assessments that allow an individual to showcase the skills they have gained.

For example, to demonstrate their active listening skills, learners might participate in a virtual reality simulation in which they gather client feedback after an event. The Lab will develop a set of these performance-based assessments and digital credentials for three 21st century skills and their corresponding sub-competencies.

Skill Artifacts

Real world evidence of soft skills that can serve as a proxy for more formal credentials.

For example, an Uber driver’s performance score, a waitress’s tip percentage average, or a military cook’s record of success with large machine maintenance can be excellent signals for customer service, oral communication, or project management skills.

Taken together, these two approaches will help learner-earners seeking better job and career outcomes to leverage the skills they already have, giving value and respect to their lived experiences.


Solutions for Information Design, LLC (SOLID)

From military Service members, families, and spouses, to Veterans and caregivers, SOLID is committed to supporting the military community at every step of their service. With their subject matter expertise and primary body of work, they are creating solutions and tools to help Service members and Veterans transition to the civilian workplace. They are proud to be a part of building better tomorrows for our nation’s Veterans.

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Lab’s Interoperable “Hub”

MATRIX is a learning platform for managing all e-learning activities, whether it’s delivering effective training, evaluating employee performance, facilitating collaboration, or selling online courses.

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Muzzy Lane

Muzzy Lane helps learners practice skills that lead to better academic performance. Calling it Experience Learning, they work with leading publishers, institutions, and educators to deliver engaging simulations that put learners in the driver’s seat of the subjects they need to master.

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The Talespin platform offers skills insights and immersive learning as a guide for individual career paths, and talent development. Based on the concept of skills mobility, or the idea that through agile learning and validated skills people can unlock highly adaptable skill sets, the Talespin platform delivers rapid reskilling and upskilling for individuals, and workforce transformation for organizations.
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An “XCredit” is the value given to an individual’s existing skills. The Lab is prototyping next-generation 21st century skills assessments and identifying other “artifacts” people might possess which can serve as credible evidence of skills.

We want to facilitate simple, open and low-cost ways for people, particularly transitioning military members, veterans, and unemployed and underemployed civilians, to validate their skills, earning credentials to signal these skills to prospective employers.

Who is the XCredit Learner-Earner?

Our Military Persona

Name: Andrea Rico

Age: 32

Timeline: 6 months

What might Andrea’s journey look like?


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