Design Insights: Early Lessons in Validating Skills and Lived Experiences

The September 2023 publication from Education Design Lab’s XCredit project shares insights that are applicable to a broad spectrum of skills-based initiatives.

Recent shifts in the labor market have highlighted the importance of skills as the foundation for more effective and equitable systems of learning and work. However, the evolving skills-based economy lacks an efficient and robust system to validate skills gained through life and work experiences, and signal those skills to employers.

To address this gap, the Lab launched XCredit — or “Experience Credit” — a skills validation initiative supported by Walmart.

In this Design Insights Brief, you’ll find:

  • A glimpse of our work on the ground, including an overview of our skills validation pilots.
  • Insights from opportunity seekers, employers, and workforce intermediaries.
  • Where this work is headed next.

We hope this brief serves as a valuable resource for anyone committed to shaping a more dynamic and inclusive future for our workforce.


Insights Brief (25 pages)




Executive Summary (1 page)


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