Resources During COVID-19: Supporting Single Mother Learners + Other High-need Students

COVID-19 has thrown communities across the whole world into chaos and uncertainty. As colleges and universities nationwide grapple with this unfolding reality, we want to highlight resources that may help respond to the heightened needs of a population especially vulnerable at this time—single mother learners. 89% of single mother college students in the US have low incomes ( COVID-19 will disproportionately impact low-income communities), many work in low-paying service industry jobs that may soon disappear in the current economic downturn, and school and childcare closures may add to their time poverty and force them to make even tougher decisions.

In support of our Single Moms Success Design Challenge partners, we’ve compiled a short list of immediate relief resources that may help institutional leaders better support single parent learners and other high-need students during this especially difficult period.

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