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The Lab has co-created student-centered solutions with more than 100 institutions, foundations, entrepreneurs and non-profits.

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The Lab offers support through all stages of discovery, design and implementation.

Our services work on their own or all together. Individually, they offer quick wins. Together, they strengthen and accelerate impact over time.

Design Facilitation

You see a problem, but you need some framework to get your team going. We’ll help you and your team jumpstart your process to develop alternative solutions to a mission-critical problem.

Institutional Design Challenge

You see a problem, you have a need, and are looking for support in creating impactful results tailored to your institution. We’ll lead you through a structured, proven process to bring to pilot innovative solutions that address some of your most pressing problems.

Cohort Design Challenge

There’s a wide-ranging challenge facing institutions and you want to be a part of the solution. We’ll lead you alongside a cohort of peer institutions to co-create and test new ideas and models that help schools, foundations, policymakers, and other stakeholders accelerate action plans and pilots.

Micro-credentialing: How to make your learning offerings more nimble and responsive to changing needs

Badges and micro-credentials help students develop essential workplace skills and capture learning beyond the traditional transcript. Currently, the Lab is the only organization on the ground helping learning providers imagine and design how to leverage smaller and more nimble units of learning that might cut across current degrees or access new types of students. Whether your interest is our 21st century skill badge toolkit, or creating your own meaningful credentials, let us draw on our experience with with dozens of colleges, universities and cities to help you develop a model.

Every project is different, but our values always remain the same.

Impact Matters.

We believe that by truly understanding and working with those whom we are designing for, we can develop and test solutions that work. A project can be small, but for us to take it on, it has to teach us something big, and help others get to greater impact. Will it light the path to impactful improvement for non-traditional learners?

All learners should have the opportunity to thrive in this fast-changing world.

We try to stay true to our Big 3 design criteria in every project we accept: Are the models we co-design making learning more affordable, more portable or more relevant for learners? Is it inclusive, equitable, and transparent?

We are biased towards action.

We see an urgent need to act in terms of re-imagining and implementing new possibilities for higher ed institutions, high schools, employers, non-profits to serve learners in more equitable ways. Why? Because education is becoming more, not less, of a wedge in the 21st century, putting mobility out of reach for many. We make small bets to learn fast, and help your team tap into your passion to serve students.

Our Process

Our process is grounded in human-centered design and incorporates other techniques such as lean startup, adaptive leadership and storytelling. 

As projects require, our multidisciplinary team delivers support in fundraising, financial modeling, tech integration, graphic design and marketing.

We frame our process in four stages, and we customize these to best serve your goals. We work with you to harness insights and knowledge already embedded in your institution.

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