Employers + Educators Come Together to Translate Learning into Workforce Skills

Over 500 institutions started using our badge toolkit, now the Lab is working with a select group of learning providers and their employer partners to test the efficacy of 21st Century Skills Badges. 

What is the #TeeUpTheSkills Cohort?

Over the next academic year, the selected learning institutions will work with the Lab and their employer partner to issue the Lab's 21st Century Skills Badges

The employer partners have agreed to give students with the lab's badges a 'first look' if they apply to their company. This study will allow us to see to what extent digital badges can level the playing field in hiring and provide valuable insight into the interoperability of emerging credentials with today’s hiring tools and practices.

The Cohort is in Action

Pilots at the above institutions will be kicking off this Spring with students interviewing with employer partners starting in the Summer of 2019

Why the T?

An Alternative Job Description Tool

The T-Profile is a visual construct of both the ideal combination of technical skills and the 21st century skills associated with a particular job. It can be used as an alternative or complement to a wordy job description, as a way for a prospective candidate to understand how their skills "match" with those of the position, or even as a way for prospective candidates to develop and display their skills.

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