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        • Badge definitions
        • Digital Badge competency and value statements
        • “Core four” sub-competencies, sub-competency definitions and value statements
        • Learning outcomes that map to the sub-competencies of the Digital Badges
        • Questions/content on the Checkster 360 assessment
        • In your implementation of the Digital Badges, try to live up to the original design criteria crafted by our partners: Rigorous, Portable, Transparent, Assessable, and Machine-readable.
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    • Non-Commercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes.  Non-commercial means not primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or monetary compensation
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    • Derivative works:  Feel free to modify or add to the library of curriculum, assessments and rubrics that make up our 21st Century Skills badges.
  • Promote and evangelize the work!  The Lab’s mission is to improve the careers and lives of underserved learners enrolled in post-secondary education.  We believe emphatically that a focus on 21st C Skills moves the needle for non-networked learners. We want to spread the word, learn more and build a movement.

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