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Employers and educators around the world are endorsing 21st century competencies to equip students and job candidates with the right set of verified skills that get beyond the “blunt instrument,”  the old fashioned resume.

The Lab's 21st Century Skills Badges for the most in-demand skills employers are looking for

21st Century Skill Badge Earners are:


Students have gone through an intentional and rigorous experience to develop the skills


Students who add badges on their LinkedIn profile get 6x the views


Students gain a better narrative about their skills to use in interviews


Students build their network and portfolio of work in their field


Students learn about their blindspots through 360 assessment and peer feedback

How are the badges being used?

Baked into Existing Curriculum

Three 21st Century Skills Badges are embedded into the Community & Environmental Health B.S. program at Boise State. All students who graduate with this degree are required to intentionally practice and develop these skills. The badge adds an extra layer and qualification for students who participate in the Public Health Business Challenge. The challenge builds off of a semester long project all public health students complete and culminates with the earning of a badge for those who complete all necessary components of the challenge.

Hybrid Modules

To fit into George Mason’s campus-wide well-being initiative there are multiple ways students can earn a Resilience badge. Select students enrolled in the School of Integrative Studies can earn the badge through their course studies. A broader self-directed option is offered to all students regardless of major through the Office of Student Life. This group meets 3 times during the semester in person, and interact online via Blackboard for online discussions and reflection on the material.

Hospitality Bootcamp

The Lab is working with Academy of Hope, an adult charter school, to pilot the Entry-Level+ Bootcamp that weaves the most important 21st Century Skills for the Hospitality industry into the curriculum. Students who complete the bootcamp will not only have the technical knowhow required to move forward on a pathway to higher management in the hospitality industry, but credentials for 21st Century Skills that are equally or more important in their careers.

Non-Credit Opt-In Course

Through the Lab's partnership with IREX, a global development and education non-profit, we piloted the Oral Communication Badge with two international universities: Makerere University in Uganda and Tunis Business School in Tunisia. Students who participated in these pilots opted in for a co-curricular experience that lasted about 8 weeks. Students met up weekly to practice their skills, and convened online via a Facebook group to share their artifacts in lieu of a traditional learning management system.

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