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Over 6 years, we co-designed and validated our micro-credentials with 800+ institutions, employers, and learners.

The Lab offers a comprehensive online learning experience for employers, institutions, and learners looking to acquire the most in-demand skills and make their learning visible.

With both manually graded assessments as well as auto-graded assessments, partners can tailor their experience to the needs of their organization and learners.

Meet vsbl.

Deliver learning for the most in-demand skills.

Seamless System Integration

Pull the Lab’s durable skills content into your existing course shell or training modules via LTI connection and start offering our badges tomorrow.


Hosted Learning Experience

Don’t have a learning management system? We can host your learners on vsbl.



Employer-validated Assessments

Learners gain real-world experience demonstrating their ability to activate the skills via either:

Facilitator-graded manual assessments


Individual or capstone level auto-assessments

Track Learner Engagement

Facilitators can track learner progress and other metrics through an analytics dashboard.

Facilitator Training

Earn a badge that certifies your ability to assess durable skills.

Equip Learners with the Skills Employers Care About

Grounded in learning theory, the interactive online modules challenge learners to apply what they are learning to the real world, to reflect on and question their experiences, old and new, and to assess their skills through a series of performance-based simulations and activities. This format makes it stickier for learners and helps them understand and articulate their skills on a much deeper level.

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Scale your programs with Auto-Graded Assessments

The auto-graded assessments are based on the Lab’s Durable Skills Competency Framework and target the most in-demand, universal skills in the emerging job market of the future. Since a facilitator or instructor is not needed for grading, these auto-assessments make scaling your programs easier.

Beneath every competency are four sub-competencies, and beneath every sub-competency are a set of rubric criteria that name observable behaviors exhibited by those who tend to be successful in the modern workplace. These assessments are designed to measure each rubric criteria within a given sub-competency in such a way as to ensure that all elements of that sub-competency are addressed, equivalently, enough times to establish a pattern of behavior.

Results on the assessment are reported at the criteria level so that learners receive feedback on their performance on each individual criteria measured, as well as their overall performance.

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